NYQM The New York Quarterly Meeting the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

NYQM is the Quarterly Meeting for the Monthly Meetings in New York City, including Fifteenth St., Brooklyn, Flushing, Morningside, Manhattan and Staten Island.

The Quarterly Meeting office is in the building alongside the Fifteenth St. Meetinghouse at 15 Rutherford Place, New York, NY. The phone number is 212-777-8866.


Virtual and in-person Friends Meeting for Worship in New York City

As the danger from the pandemic begins to recede, Friends in New York are endeavoring to balance the blessings of in-person worship and virtual worship in ways that sustain the gathered body and support health and security for all.

Brooklyn Meeting meets virtually and in-person at 11 am on First Days (details here)

15th Street Meeting meets in person at 9:30 am and virtually at 11 am on First Days (details here)

Morningside Meeting conducts blended worship at 11 am on First Days (details here)

Flushing Meeting meets virtually at 11:00 am on First Days while making plans for in-person worship

Manhattan Meeting meets virtually at 9:30 am on First Days (details here)

Staten Island Meeting meets virtually at 11 am on fourth First Days (details here)


Saturday, July 24th, 2021, 10am-3pm Cemetery Tour, 1pm

Come visit your Quaker Cemetery in beautiful Prospect Park in Brooklyn on July 24th from 10.00am to 3.00pm. Take a tour of the cemetery, explore the grounds, or just take in the natural beauty of this unique place. Our Sexton, Robert Wilber, will give a tour of the cemetery @ 1.00pm.

To sign up click [HERE]


A Letter from Manhattan Monthly Meeting

Manhattan Monthly Meeting is in the process of building this school in Kenya for almost a decade now.  With the global pandemic and the reopening of school the space situation is grave. We need to complete the last two classrooms but lack the funds. Please see the call for contributions letter [HERE].

Contributions and questions: Emmanuel Mulindi, Treasurer, Manhattan Monthly Meeting, 15 Rutherford Place, New York, NY 10003, ph 646-418-7273 email:  mannymulindi@hotmail.comFaith and Practice – 2020 revised edition is now available

Copies of the revised edition of Faith and Practice are available to be mailed from the NYYM office. Copies cannot be picked up at this time. Complimentary copies have already been mailed to all Monthly Meeting Clerks, MM Clerks of Ministry & Counsel, and to all Prison Worship Group members.One revision is an important change to Quaker practice. The Membership section has been rewritten to include an additional path to membership. Previously, the only path to membership was via a monthly meeting. Now prospective Friends have the option of applying directly to the yearly meeting via the clerk of Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee. It is hoped the new path will better accommodate those who move frequently, cannot connect with a monthly meeting, or are incarcerated.

To order your copy, contact office@nyym.org. The suggested contribution is $10.00 per copy.Brooklyn Meeting Quakerism 101, 1 pm via Zoom

June 20: Living in the Spirit

July 18: Social Witness

September 19: Practices, Structures, Committees

October 17: Where Do We Go From Here?

Please contact bmmquakerism101@gmail.com for materials.