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Our Contact List :

Nancy Britton 
NYQM Clerk

Ian Hansen
NYQM Assistant Clerk

Lynn Von Salis
Clerk, Trustees

David Garrity
Clerk, Audit & Budget Committee
646 450 1843

Suzanne Stout
Co Clerk, Cemetery Committee
212 206 0041

Mary Owen
Co Clerk, Cemetery Committee
718 727 4535

Sally Campbell
Clerk, Committee for Downtown Manhattan Allowed Meeting
212 787 3903

Caroline Lane
Clerk, Educational Fund Committee

Margery Cornwell
Clerk, Great Lakes Region (Africa) Education Committee
718 622 9216

Charlotte Ehrman
Co Clerk, Ministry & Counsel Committee
212 724 9316

Beth Kelly
Co Clerk, Ministry & Counsel Committee
773 972 8117

Nancy Hadley-Jaffe
Clerk, Relief Committee
212 614 9176

Elizabeth Powers
Clerk, Nominating Committee

Elizabeth Enloe
Co Clerk, Friends Seminary Trustees
646 368 1431

Matthew Annenberg
Co Clerk, Friends Seminary Trustees 646 239 4559

Ed Oliver
Clerk, Brooklyn Friends School Trustees

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