We hold four meetings for business each year.  We welcome your participation. While our work may sometimes be burdensome – there’s always the opportunity for the joy of community when we gather. 
In this section, you will find NYQM Meeting documents for our upcoming and from our past meetings; Roster of our Committees, showing the current nominees for service; Annual report of our Trustees; Report on our Audit; Monthly Meeting Reports, Committee Reports along with additional meeting updates that come up through the year.

Documents :

Hi Friends,   Here are our last Minutes from our last meeting. Since we’re still in the process of creating a designated tab for this type of information, you can access each Minutes forms using the links below: Brooklyn Monthly Meeting Report 1/21/2018 15th Street Monthly Report 1/21/18 Flushing Monthly Meeting Report 1/21/18 Morningside Monthly...
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Relief Committee Annual Report 2018-01-21 Business Meeting
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Documents :