Safeguarding the Community: Meeting Remotely

It is deep in Friends’ practice for us to worship together as a body, but as the threat of the coronavirus makes this impossible most NYC Friends’ worship and business will be conducted remotely until further notice. Please know that we are all holding the body of Friends lovingly in the Light. If you are a current Friend please reach out to your Pastoral Care committee if you are in need of care.

Here is an Epistle to New York City Quakers in the time of Covid-19, from the Ministry and Counsel Committee and the Quarterly Meeting Clerk.”

Friends and visitors are welcome to worship with us remotely at 11 am on First Day, at Brooklyn Meeting, 15th Street Meeting, and Morningside Meeting. Manhattan Monthly Meeting will meet remotely at 9:30 am. Please see the links above under “Meetings for Worship” for more information about Brooklyn, 15th Street, and Morningside Meeting programs during this period and for worship information for the other Meetings of the New York City Quarter.

If you need to create Zoom committee meeting please be in touch with your Meeting’s clerk or communications committee. (For meetings of the Quarter:

Friends may wish to participate in Healing Prayer by telephone on Wednesday afternoons from 5 to 6 pm (for more information:

April Quarterly Meeting will be cancelled and will fold April’s business meeting into our July Meeting.

All that dwell in the light, their habitation is in God, and they know a hiding place in the day of storm; and those who dwell in the light, are built upon the rock, and cannot be moved
~ Edward Burrough, 1634-1663