Hi Friends,


Here are our last Minutes from our last meeting. Since we’re still in the process of creating a designated tab for this type of information, you can access each Minutes forms using the links below:

* note – these can be accessed via the search menu in our “Business” section. – use the + symbol next to “Business” and the “Minutes” option will appear. Below that you can use the + symbol next to “meeting groups” to select a particular group. If you like, options for date range and search term are also available.  Please click here for an example of searching minutes. This is set to search all recent “minutes” documents.



Brooklyn Monthly Meeting Report 1/21/2018

15th Street Monthly Report 1/21/18

Flushing Monthly Meeting Report 1/21/18

Morningside Monthly Meeting Report 1/21/18

NYQM Audit & Budget report 1/21/18

NYQM Proposed Operating Budget

Relief Committee Annual Report 1/21/18

Staten Island Monthly Meeting Report 1/21/18

Business Meeting Minutes 1/21/18

Business Meeting Report 1/21/18